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DCU Kids: Or What will the New Teen Titans Look Like?

I decided to make this list after seeing an awesome picture of a Damian era Young Justice/Teen Titans team. I was thinking of how the same few characters are usually used, and there are actually a lot of cool possibilities.

*Characters are usually shown toddler or younger. Supervillians are bolded, civilians are in italics.

If there's anyone else, feel free to add them. Edit: starfata wrote a similar list, which I've used to update this one. I've also added powers.

Characters introduced before puberty, who aren't teenagers yet:
*Arthur Curry, Jr - son of Aquaman/Arthur Curry + Mera (born/introduced 1959) – normal Atlantian powers, as well is his mother's ability to make hard water weapons.

Traya Sutton - adopted daughter of Red Tornado+ Kathy Sutton (introduced 1978) - friends with Young Justice, esp. Arrowette and Wonder Girl. No powers.

Helen Jordan - daughter of Jack Jordan + Janice Jordan (introduced 1978) - Hal’s niece, hung out with him while he was the Spectre, he adopted her

Rebecca and Aaron Langstrom – daughter and son of Man-Bat/Kirk Langstrom + Francine Langstrom (born/introduced 1978/1996) – Becky has no powers, Aaron is a little Man-Bat.

Lian Harper - daughter of Red Arrow/Roy Harper + Cheshire/Jade Nguyen (born/introduced 1986) - In the Kingdom Come Future she's Red Hood, in the present she wants a Batcave, but loves her bow and Speedy cap. No powers.

Maxine Baker – daughter of Animal Man/Buddy Baker + Ellen Baker (introduced 1988) – avatar of The Red/Flesh Elemental, meaning she controls animal life.

*Robert Queen(/Tomonaga) - son of Green Arrow/Ollie Queen + Shado (born/introduced 1989) – was artificially aged at one point. No known powers.

*Robert Long - son of Terry Long + Donna Troy (born/introduced 1992) - was called Darkstar in the Kingdom Come Future, Lord Chaos in a future where he's evil. Had god-level powers, stripped at birth.

*Baby Wildebeest – created by the Wildebeest Society, raised by Red Star/Leonid Kovar + Pantha/Rosabelle Mendez (created 1992) – could grow to adult size, had super strength, durabilty, stamina.

Hippolyta Milton-Buchanan – daughter of Circe and Ares (born 1994) – born while her mother had lost her memories and was Wonder Woman's friend. Lyta was taken to Themyscira and raised by the Amazons. Can do magic.

Kyle Knight - son of Starman/Jack Knight + Mist/Nash (born/introduced 1997) – his dad retired at his birth, and his mother is (somewhat) evil. No known powers.

Lena Luthor – daughter of Lex Luthor + Erica del Portenza (born 1998) – Brainiac 13 downloaded himself into her. Was aged to adulthood, then reduced back to infancy with no Brainiac powers.

*"Unknown Name" - daughter of Dean + Batgirl/Stephanie Brown (born/introduced 1999) - given up for adoption, Steph doesn't even know gender. No powers.

*Cerdian - son of Tempest/Garth + Dolphin (born/introduced 2000) – normal Atlantian powers, probably.

Jai and Iris West - son and daughter of Flash/Wally West + Linda Park (born/introduced 2000) - Iris is Impulse, I don't think Jai was given a codename before losing his powers. Irey has Speed Force speed, Jai had Speed Force granted strength.

*Patricia Dugan - son of S.T.R.I.P.E/Pat Dugan + Barbara Whitmore-Dugan (born/introduced 2001) - older sister is Stargirl/Courtney Whitmore. No powers.

*Joshua Jackam – son of Weather Wizard/Mark Mardon + Julia Jackam (born 2001) – raised by Iris West-Allen. Weather control powers.

Ramsey Robinson - son of Peter Robinson + Manhunter/Kate Spencer (introduced 2004) - shown as the new Manhunter in a possible future, has enhanced strength, speed, and durability inherited from grandfather Iron Munro/Arnold Munro.

Damian Wayne - son of Batman/Bruce Wayne + Talia al Ghul (introduced 2006) - 5th Robin, wants to be Batman, has been shown as Batman in a possible future. No powers.

*Helena Kyle - daughter of Slam Bradley + Catwoman/Selina Kyle (born/introduced 2006) – growing up with adoptive parents. No powers.

Christopher Kent/Lor-Zod - adopted son of Superman/Clark Kent + Lois Lane (introduced 2006) - ages randomly due to Phantom Zone connection, while older was Nightwing, has also been called Superboy. Normal Kryptonian powers, immunity to the effects of the Phantom Zone, and darkness manipulation.

Sin/Cynthia Lance - adopted daughter of Black Canary/Dinah Lance (introduced 2006) - incredible martial arts skills, loves Pokemon. No powers.

Milagro Reyes - daughter of Alberto Reyes + Bianca Reyes (introduced 2006) - sister of Blue Beetle/Jaime Reyes, likes Green Lantern/Guy Gardner a lot. No powers.

Colin Wilkes - orphan (introduced 2008) - called Abuse, friend of Robin/Damian Wayne. A mix of Venom/Fear Gas allows him to grow to appear as a muscular adult with strength, durability, and healing.

Nell Little - (introduced 2010) - Huge fan of Batgirl/Stephanie Brown, shown as Batgirl in a dream sequence/possible future. No powers.

Rani - adopted daughter of Booster Gold/Michael Carter (introduced 2010) - called Bubble Girl, a Daxamite (like a Kryptonian) from the future, uses Rip Hunter's Time Spheres and Michelle Carter's Goldstar costume, both without permission.

Tiffany Fox - daughter of Lucius Fox + Tanya Fox (introduced 2013) - becomes Batgirl in the Future's End alternate universe. She's kind of adorable.

*Thomas Blake, Jr – son of Catman/Thomas Blake + Cheshire/Jade Nguyen (introduced ?) - half brother of Lian Harper. No known powers.

*Mia Saunders - daughter of Hawkgirl/Kendra Saunders (introduced ?, mother introduced 1985) – No known powers.

Imako and Yasu Hoshi - daughter and son of Dr. Light/Kimiyo Hoshi (introduced ?, mother introduced 1999) – No known powers.

From alternate futures:
Hippolyta Trevor(-Hall) – daughter of Steve Trevor + Wonder Woman/Diana (born/introduced 1983) – born on Earth 1, sort of incorporated into the New Earth by Dream. Powers based on her mother's Amazonian gifts.

Carrie Kelley - (introduced 1986) - In the Dark Knight Returns Future she became first Robin and then Catgirl. No powers.

Mar'i Grayson - son of Nightwing/Dick Grayson + Starfire/Koriand'r (introduced 1996) - In the Kingdom Come Future she's Nightstar. Tamaranean powers and her mother's starbolts.

Rex Stewart - son of Green Lantern/John Stewart + Hawkwoman/Shayera (introduced 2000) - Warhawk in the Batman Beyond Future. Thanagarian flight and powers.

Ariella Kent/R'E'L - - daughter of Superman/Clark Kent + Supergirl/Linda Danvers (born/introduced 1998) - Born during Infinite Crisis, she was only allowed to stay in existince if her mother was erased, called Supergirl, may be eternally 6, terrifyingly powerful, wanders time.

Tula - daughter of Aquaman/Garth (introduced 1996) - In the Kingdom Come Future she is 
Aquagirl. Atlantian powers.

Mareena - daughter of Aquaman/Arthur Curry (introduced 2000) - Aquagirl in the Batman Beyond Future. Atlantian powers.

Terry McGinnis - son of Batman/Bruce Wayne, Warren McGinnis + Mary McGinnis (introduced 1999) - becomes Batman in the Batman Beyond Future. No powers.

Helena Wayne - daughter of Batman/Bruce Wayne + Catwoman/Selina Kyle (introduced originally 1977) - was Robin and then Huntress on Earth 2/Earth Two. No powers.

Aren't Preteen:
Tefe Holland - daughter of John Constantine, Swampthing/Alec Holland + Abigail Holland (born/introduced 1989) - written as a teenager now, called the Sprout or Swamp Thing, to old for the list but to cool to ignore. Plant and Flesh elemental, controlling plants, animals, and human biology.

Dream/Daniel Hall - son of Dr. Fate/Hector Hall + Fury/Lyta Trevor Hall, now one of the Endless (born/introduced 1991) - became an adult member of the Endless soon after birth, but a fragment of his personality that was the age he should be, or something, could work. Personification of dreaming, controls dreams.

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