Friday, 3 February 2017

X-Babies: M1

Info in ( ):
(a) for adoption and more informal relationships
(s) for one of the parents being biological
(c) for clones and magically created kids
(gr) for grandchild
(d) for a descendant
(*999*) for which reality they're from - using reality numbers given by

Reality names given HERE
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Parent/Guardian 1Parent/Guardian 2Child
MacNeil, DavidMacNeil, YvetteHudson, Claire(a)
MacNeil, YvetteMacNeil, DavidHudson, Claire(a)
MacTaggert, JosephMacTaggert, MoiraMacTaggert, Kevin/ProteusMacTaggert, Kevin/Mutant X(58163)
MacTaggert, MoiraSinclair, Rahne/Wolfsbane(a)
MacTaggert, MoiraCassidy, SeanCassidy, kid(957)
Cassidy, kid(957)
Cassidy, kid(957)
MacTaggert, MoiraMacTaggert, JosephMacTaggert, Kevin/ProteusMacTaggert, Kevin/Mutant X(58163)
MacTaggert, MoiraTrask, BolivarTrask, Francesca/Fiend(295)
MacTaggert, MoiraXavier, CharlesXavier, David/Proteus(1610)
Maddox, John(c)Maddox, SusanMaddox, Daniel(s)
Maddox, SusanMaddox, John(c)Maddox, Daniel(s)
Madrox, JamesCassidy, TheresaMadrox, Sean
Mancha, MarianellaUltronMancha, Victor
Marko, CainYama, Sachi(982)Marko, Zane/J2(982)
Mar-VellAnelleAltman, Theodore/Hulkling
Mar-VellEllwood, AliceEllwood, Marvin/Cap Marvel(2301)
Masters, AliciaGrimm, BenjaminGrimm, Buzz(9997)Grimm, Chuck(9997)Grimm, Jacob(71166)Grimm, Daniel(71166)Grimm, Yancy(71166)
Masters, AliciaMurdock, MattMurdock, Franklin(8610)
Masters, AliciaStorm, JohnnyStorm, Marissa(9511)Storm, Jonathan(89112)
Masterson, EricMasterson, MarcyMasterson, Kevin/Thunderstrike
Masterson, MarcyMasterson, EricMasterson, Kevin/Thunderstrike
Matt, MurdockDonovan, MillaGilliam, Franklin(12121)
Maximoff, DjangoMaximoff, MaryaMaximoff, AnaMaximoff, MateoMaximoff, Pietro(a)Maximoff, Wanda(a)
Maximoff, MaryaMaximoff, DjangoMaximoff, AnaMaximoff, MateoMaximoff, Pietro(a)Maximoff, Wanda(a)
Maximoff, PietroAmaquelin, CrystaliaMaximoff, Luna
Maximoff, Luna(9997)

Maximoff, Luna/Spike(98)
Maximoff, WandaDaiea(3515)

Kya/Mistress Kya(3515)

Maximoff, Tatiana(d)(10280)

Maximoff, WandaRogers, SteveRogers, boy(22795)

Rogers, boy(22795)

Maximoff, WandaVisionMaximoff, William

Maximoff, Thomas

Kaplan, Billy/Wiccan
Shepherd, Thomas/Speed
Maximoff, WandaVisionMaximoff, Billy/Grim Reaper(9511)

Maximoff, Tommy/Dr. Strange(9511)

Magnus, Tommy(58163)

Magnus, Billy(58163)

Magnus, Tyler(58163)

Maximoff, WandaVisionTobias(Space Phantom)*

Malachi(Space Phantom)*

Maximoff, WandaWagner, KurtWagner, TJ/Nocturne(2182)
*Tobias and Malachi being Wanda and the Vision's future children is from a dropped plot in The Crossing

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