Thursday, 19 January 2017

X-Babies: Intro

An update to my X-Babies post. I decided to try my hand at images, this time.

My attempt to put as many 616 and AU children of the X-Men together as possible. It's going to be out of date in a month, and there's NO WAY I haven't missed kids (plus, I haven't actually read some of the comics the kids are from) but it's a lot more complete than any other online source I could find.

There are now a LOT of entries that don't involve X-Men. I'm keeping the title, though, because they're far from exhaustive and I refuse to do entries for Avengers I don't like. So I only promise X-related babies.

On to the LISTS:
A | B1 | B2 | C | D | E-F | G | H-I | J-K | L | M1 | M2 | N-O | P-Q | R1 | R2 | S1 | S2 | T-U | V | W | X-Z

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